Our original wedding date was November 7, 2020. Due to circumstances which affected us all, Matt and I chose to still celebrate 2020 with love. We didn’t tell anyone, not even our parents. It turned out to be truly amazing. We thank Sophia Taylor for these amazing photos. We thank Jana Goldbloom Brody for being a witness, taking video, and connecting us to our last-minute officiant, Dani Antman. We thank our kick-ass neighbors Kay and Caso for heeding the early-morning call to hook me into my dress. We thank our trainer Adriana Barnes for watching our dogs and taking our great shots on Weddington Street. And, most of all, we thank our dear parents, family and friends for understanding and for being there with us because they’ve been with us all along. Please enjoy our photos and ceremony videos!

Dress by Neda Niquie (Sherman Oaks). Flowers by Silvia Guandique of Josie’s Flowers (North Hollywood). Cake by Porto’s Bakery (Burbank).

ICYMI: We’ve highlighted a few of those special wedding moments — you know the ones, those that we all live for and sometimes miss at weddings … the couple’s toast, the bouquet toss, the cutting of the cake, the first dance … all the moments! To learn more about the wine and champagne that got us to these moments, click here!

Toasting all of our guests!

The Best Month


Cutting the cake!

The Best Day


The Best Year


Tossing the bouquet!

First dance!

One of our first dates. 2018

Thank you!

We want to thank you in advance for spending time on our website and sharing in our special day that was eight years in the making. We don’t remember when we met exactly — Facebook tells us we’ve been friends since March 2012 , however, we don’t remember if the spark happened during Super Bowl 2012 or 2013. Either way, both events were at Jason and Yvonne’s magical home. This is one time where it’s ok if memory fails us. The result created memorable moments.