His Wine

For those that don’t know, Mr. Soraci used to work in the wine business. Many, including myself, have benefitted from Matt’s excellent former career choice. For our special day, we enjoyed wines from Lo-Fi, (of which we are wine club members), champagne from Billecart-Salmon and our toasting champagne was a Vieille Franc Brut, a gift from the beautiful Sophia.

Lo-Fi Chenin Blanc

To get the party started, we chose the 2019 Petillant Naturel Lo-Fi Chenin Blanc from the Tres Hermanas. Something new for us, it was gorgeous to enjoy while we relaxed in the limo and delighted in the mountain and ocean views as our driver, Eddie, of Crown Limousine LA took excellent care of us.

Billecart-Salmon Champagne

This was the piece-de-resistance. We drank this Brut Rose celebratory champagne on the way back home as the setting sun congratulated us on a job well done! As Matt says, “It’s perfect for an early afternoon, post-wedding toast and enjoyment.” This wine is distributed by Chambers & Chambers which we found to be quite fitting.

Vieille Franc Brut

A newly married woman herself (two years in), Ms Sophia surprised us with a champagne toast with something she and her husband enjoyed during their nuptials. The Champagne Vieille Franc Brut by Charles de Cazanove was extraordinarily satisfying to taste while the Santa Barbara sun wrapped its warming arms around all of us and the two other wedding parties that were also tying the knot.

Lo-Fi Cab Franc

Our ceremony with Dani included a moment where we sipped wine to commemorate the past, present and future. For this special section, we chose a 2019 Lo-Fi Cabernet France from the Coquelicot Vineyard. This wine makes us very happy and was incredibly satisfying to sip as it is bright, lively and fruity just like our love.

Wine gives flight to words. Be prepared to catch both.

~ Peppur Chambers-Soraci, Her words, His wine.

One thought on “His Wine

  1. These pictures are just devine—your day was so beautifully exquisite and apropos for the two of you! Only thing missing was…all of us – which we will remedy on your anniversary 💕💕💕. So happy for you both! Love, Aunt Elaine


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